Monday, August 24, 2009

Sweets For My Sweetheart II

I’ve been making lots of cute cupcakes for friends and family but never really did any for my loving hubs. Since I had extras from the cuppies baked for my friends, I thought it would be nice to decorate a few for him….It’s just a simple design but good enough to show my love to him ~grin~

Lemon Lime Cupcakes with whipped cream


Sweets For My Sweethearts

Days come by and left almost instantly; the hours felt just like minutes passing by …and in just few blinks, days turning into weeks then into months. It is almost time for me to leave my group for someplace else. Oh well, life goes on…people leave for the better. At least that’s what I hope for myself. My two years in this group brings me lots of wonderful memories and not forgetting the awesome friends I found. There were always funny talks, great sharing moments a.k.a gossips, sharing nice lunches and of course not forgetting great work support too (what do you expect….we are at work and we need to work too!). I’m sure going to miss the great times we had together.

I really appreciate the friendship they gave and as my appreciation back, these are the least I could do. Hope you girls love it (though the fondants did not turned out the way it should be…a little disappointed with the outcome)

12 cups of Lemon Lime Cupcakes

The Elephant
Two-hearts Teddy

Cool Penguin
Pretty Piggy
Cheeky Teddy


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