Monday, August 2, 2010

Chocolate Crepes Cake

Ever since I was introduced to crepes cake by a colleague not very long ago, I have been eager to try out this unique cake myself. Many weeks down the road and I managed to finally squeezed in some time to test out a recipe of my own crepes. I figured a lemony cream cheese and blueberry filling would blends in well with the layers of chocolate crepes. And so, layers by layers were stacked on to create my very own version of crepes cake.

It was not that successful though, as the creams were a little too soft perhaps, hence the layers would slowly slips out when out from refridgerator for too long. As for the combination of taste, well I love the lemony and fruity taste though some of my friends were complaining that the blueberry was too little *opps*

Chocolate crepes with lemony cream cheese and blueberry fillings
 Stack of 20 layers
Messy cuts as the creams were still too soft to cut
 Perfect cut after refrigerated overnight
Oh much more could one expect from a first timer *grin* 

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