Sunday, May 22, 2011

Princess Shernice turned ONE

Princess Shernice turned ONE yesterday!

Her mummy requested me to help her with little Shernice’s birthday cake and she got only two wishes – a chocolate cake and something pretty for her little princess. So what would be more perfect that having a chocolate with blueberry filling cupcakes adorned with princess-y themed fondant decorations. I proposed for a two-tier with the center piece of a little girl sitting on a 5” inch chocolate cake layered with blueberry and butter cream. She bought the idea and here are the outcome *winks* Sweet and pretty just like the birthday princess!

Happy Sweet One Year Old Birthday. May you grow smart and pretty just like your mummy.

All packed and ready for delivery!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

For the love of cupcakes

While others may be lazing around doing practically nothing on a rainy afternoon of a public holiday, I was busy baking and decorating my cupcakes. It was fun having making all the nice decoration on top of the yummy cuppies.
Here’s adding on to some of my collections:
This is for my cousin. She had been asking for a Hello Kitty for quite some time now. So here's a Hello Kitty and Marie for kitty lovers like her.

A mini tower cupcakes. Sadly, the day was getting late and I was in hurry to complete this last batch for my cousin to bring back to Singapore. Wish I had more time add more flowers.

This is an order from a friend for a Lychee Rose Cupcakes for the one he loves. I simply love the slight pinkish colored butter cream along with a rose bud topper. Simple yet so elegant! 

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