Thursday, May 19, 2011

For the love of cupcakes

While others may be lazing around doing practically nothing on a rainy afternoon of a public holiday, I was busy baking and decorating my cupcakes. It was fun having making all the nice decoration on top of the yummy cuppies.
Here’s adding on to some of my collections:
This is for my cousin. She had been asking for a Hello Kitty for quite some time now. So here's a Hello Kitty and Marie for kitty lovers like her.

A mini tower cupcakes. Sadly, the day was getting late and I was in hurry to complete this last batch for my cousin to bring back to Singapore. Wish I had more time add more flowers.

This is an order from a friend for a Lychee Rose Cupcakes for the one he loves. I simply love the slight pinkish colored butter cream along with a rose bud topper. Simple yet so elegant! 

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