Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Ashley

January 10th, 2010 - The birthday of my baby niece who now has grown to be a young little girl. Felt just like not long ago that she were brought to this world, but she turned 8 this year. She is getting prettier and better in talking. In fact, she actually asked for Power Puff girls figurines to go with her cakes after knowing that she will be getting a special birthday cake, but this time I had to admit that I got a little lazy to make her fondant cuppies.

Instead my mom insisted on making a new recipe she learned...Cream Cheese Cake with Fruitty fillings. That does sounds interesting (yummy), hence I gave in. Mom will be baking the cake while I hold the responsibility of decorating the big cake with whipped cream. The birthday girl has few requirements...she wants chocolate rice on the side of the cake, butterfly/flower on top and sugar silver balls. Now this is something new to me. I never decorate with creams before. Gosh!

The Cream Cheese cake turned out great but my decorations failed miserably *LOL* Oh well, at least I gave my best...but I guess I better stick to my home-made fondants. Felt that is a lot easier to work on than creams decorations!

So Ashley....HAPPY 8TH BIRTHDAY to you. Promise will bake you some cuppies with cartoon figurines next round.

Not an easy task to get the chocolate rice to stick on side evenly

Chocolate characters on top with the sugar silver balls as requested


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