Friday, December 24, 2010

Joyful Christmas & Happy Holidays!!

Help yourself to a piece of soft chocolate chip & walnut cookies and maybe a cup of warm milk on this Christmas Eve night.

Happy Holidays everyone! Have a joyful and funfilled Christmas!

Basket full of cookies ready to be give away

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Flower Bouquet Cuppies

People say flowers and sweets are girls’ best friend and of course diamond too! But ever wonders of combining them into one gift? That was how I came about in having cupcakes nicely arranged on a pretty flower pot. Aren’t them sweet?

This is a wayyy in advance birthday cake or to be more precise, a cake bouquet to a dear friend of mine. She is such a sweet girl that loves everything sweet, literally and I hope she would love this pretty bouquet of cupcakes – a corn flour cake with raspberry mixture and almond strips. By the way, noticed the silver sugar ball? Those are the diamonds *grin*

Happy Birthday (in advance) my sweet dear friend!

Perfect gift for someone dear to us
Shot from the top
Closer shot
Would you like to have one for yourself too? *grin*

Monday, December 6, 2010

Minicake over Cupcake

Ever had a cake on top of a cake but with a size only perfect for just a person? You heard me right *grin* Introducing my adorable cupcake with a mini cake on top. Just too adorable to eat aren't they?!!

B&G Annivesary Cupcakes

Aren’t them adorable and loving too? That’s what I thought when I finally completed a set of 9 of my all time favorite Lychee Rose cupcakes.

This time I get the honor to be part of a great couple celebrating their many years of courtships. Along with the cute fondant decorated boy and girl, I wish them both many happy returns with lots of wonderful years to come.

Happy Anniversary my friend!

Boy eyeing over the girl
Girl staring at the guy
Boy and Girl looking at each other
Boy and Girl blushing product!


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kahlua Tiramisu Cups

I have been wanting to try on Tiramisu cake after a colleague of mine baked me one for my birthday couple months back but kept putting it away. Then when another colleague brought this up weeks ago, I knew I had to try it out. So I went on to search for the recipe and finally make some time to create it over the weekend.

Still lots of space for improvement....I need a more exciting and thicker coffee and an even more quicker hands when dipping the lady's fingers to coffee.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

3-in-1 celebration

November 1st is always a day to remember till the end my life. It was and will always be a day filled with many wonderful memories and great events to celebrate about. Two years ago, I was under the limelight of being a pretty bride *aherm* and now two years later today is our 2nd wedding anniversary. On top of our happy occasion, there were also birthdays to celebrate about. My nephew Geremy's birthday that falls on the 1st Nov while my father-in-law's birthday happened to be just a day after that. So this year to celebrate on their birthday, I baked them both a Banana Walnut cake each decorated to represent them.

For my FIL, I had a mini cake decorated with ready rolled fondant. As this is my first time with store bought fondant, I struggle a little with the fondant as it gets dried up rather fast resulted to many cracks all over *sad* But anyhow, I managed to create the topper of a man resting on sofa while playing with laptop. This is to represent my FIL since he has just started playing with one recently, getting in touch with the technology *grin*

On the other hand, I had mini cupcakes for my nephew. Since my nephew loves cars a lot, I created a fondant racing track along with mini racing cars. Pretty much a simple design to surprises the boy who fantasized a lot on cars.  


Happy Birthday Dad, Happy Birthday Geremy and lastly, Happy Anniversary Darl!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Raspberry Cheese Cupcakes

I have been baking for quite some time now, yet never once I settled for any cheese cake. The closest I have done was cream cheese frosting *grin*. Not that I do not like cheese cake or anything, it's just never happen, that's all! Even the book full of tempting cheese cake recipes from my birthday gift were still left to dust after many months.

So I thought I'd give this cheese frenzy a go after knowing that my little monsters angels 'niece & nephews' enjoys cheese cake very much. Hence, here you go...Raspberry Cheese Cupcakes!

Hot out from the oven

And the kids, they simply love it!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Chocolate Crepes Cake

Ever since I was introduced to crepes cake by a colleague not very long ago, I have been eager to try out this unique cake myself. Many weeks down the road and I managed to finally squeezed in some time to test out a recipe of my own crepes. I figured a lemony cream cheese and blueberry filling would blends in well with the layers of chocolate crepes. And so, layers by layers were stacked on to create my very own version of crepes cake.

It was not that successful though, as the creams were a little too soft perhaps, hence the layers would slowly slips out when out from refridgerator for too long. As for the combination of taste, well I love the lemony and fruity taste though some of my friends were complaining that the blueberry was too little *opps*

Chocolate crepes with lemony cream cheese and blueberry fillings
 Stack of 20 layers
Messy cuts as the creams were still too soft to cut
 Perfect cut after refrigerated overnight
Oh much more could one expect from a first timer *grin* 

Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Clown Birthday Cake

26th July – Today is my little nephew’s birthday! Time really flies…the cheeky little boy is turning 5 this year!

To celebrate his birthday, we had a little party at his home on last Saturday. My mom cooked up a feast for up to nearly 20 young and old family members while I am responsible for a customized birthday cake.

I came out with a cheerful clown as the theme for the cake that goes together with little cuppies on a two-tiered cake stand. As for the cake flavor, I improvised a little from my new  found favorite recipe…Rose flavored cake, then filled with Lychee and Longan.

As soon as the birthday boy blew the candle, the little clowns and decorations on top of the cake were all grabbed away by the fascinated kids. Some of the clowns body parts even end up in their mouth! 

Well, at least I know they love the cakes (sugars) *grin*

Happy Birthday my sweet little nephew…

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