Monday, January 24, 2011

Orange Cheese Cake: A treat for my guest

When my cousins and aunts came to visit over the weekend, they were served with a freshly baked cheese cake for dessert.

The cheese cake full of freshly squeezed orange juice and zest along with orange juice and zest sour cream topping gives a sweet and tangy taste. A taste that is so fragrantly fresh, perfect for this hot weather!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Ballerina Princess Cake

Another year has passed, today my niece turns 9. Just last year I helped my mom to decorate her birthday cake, a cream cheese cake miserably decorated with whipped cream and chocolate rice. Time flew without us realize and she is now another year older.

Two months back when she saw the birthday cake I did for my nephew, she asked me if I would know how to create a princess cake, Disney Princesses to be exact and she wanted all the 6 Princesses! But knowing my own limited capability, I did not promise her any princess cake, instead I told her I would surprise her during her birthday.

So I started doing my research and getting all the materials needed in preparation for her little surprise. Yesterday, I finally completed my by-far most satisfying ‘little project’ – a Ballerina Princess cake. The cake fits the princess-y theme too. The cake batter was added with multicolored chocolate rice, hence created a colorful cake which then frosted with butter cream and blueberry filling, just another surprise within.

I simply could not forget the happy little face when I delivered the cake over. Happy Sweet Birthday Ashley.

Picture (Left) - Ballerina Barbie; (Right) - Transformation to Princess
Picture (Left) - Front view; (Right) - Back view
Picture (Left & Right) - Side view 
Picture (Left & Right) - From top and below
Upclose of the details

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Simple White and Sweet Pink Stripes

Nothing would be much sweeter than to start the New Year by making someone else happy! Yup, another sweet surprises to a very dear friend who will be celebrating her birthday in another 5 days to be exact!

Simple and sweet just as the birthday girl, the 5 inch chocolate cake with raspberry and butter cream frosting were covered in simple stripes of white and sweet pink which are topped with colorful cutout fondant flowers.

Different angle
Ready for surprise delivery
And, that was how i made someone's day better. Happy New Year 2011!  

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