Monday, March 22, 2010

Surprise farewell Gift


This is a surprise farewell gift to my dear friend a.k.a my twins who will be leaving the company soon. It is with a bittersweet feeling to see her leaving us… I am sad that she is leaving the gang but then, I feel glad that she found a much better job elsewhere. So I am happy for her too.
Anyway with help from a trusted comrade, we tried to give her a surprise by leaving the cupcakes on her desk, yet somehow we failed even before dropping off the cakes! See the word ‘tried’? Well, it seems that she managed to catch us in the act when I dropped the cakes to the comrade early in the morning. It is just by mere seconds that we might have missed her, but unfortunately she came to work just in time to witness that! Ha! But then again, I am happy that she loved the cuppies and the little-no-so-surprise-anymore surprise on Monday morning *grin*.

Resting on bed of flowers
Enjoying her sweet times
I thought of this sweet girl as the topper to represent her. Just look at how the girl is enjoying her sweet moments while relaxing on bed of colorful flowers...that is exactly what I am hoping for my 'twins' in her new endeavors.

So farewell YL…I wish you best of luck in your new adventure and best wishes.
 Full view

Moo-Moo Cuties

Aren’t these two little Moo-Moo cuties adorable? 

So as to the recipients too. This Moo-Moo couple is a long belated wedding gift for my uncle and his dear wife. Though they have been married for a while now, but it’s just recently that they took their wedding photos…and that actually triggered me to make them a bride and groom topper in the shape of cow. Why the Moo-Moo then? That is because they were both born in the year of cow!

The handsome groom
The pretty bride
I had their initials and bright colors cut-out flowers to go along with the topper. 
Groom's initial with a little bow tie
Bride's initial with little flower
Simple decor

To my uncle and his dear wife...I wish both of you happiness and happily ever after!

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