Monday, March 22, 2010

Moo-Moo Cuties

Aren’t these two little Moo-Moo cuties adorable? 

So as to the recipients too. This Moo-Moo couple is a long belated wedding gift for my uncle and his dear wife. Though they have been married for a while now, but it’s just recently that they took their wedding photos…and that actually triggered me to make them a bride and groom topper in the shape of cow. Why the Moo-Moo then? That is because they were both born in the year of cow!

The handsome groom
The pretty bride
I had their initials and bright colors cut-out flowers to go along with the topper. 
Groom's initial with a little bow tie
Bride's initial with little flower
Simple decor

To my uncle and his dear wife...I wish both of you happiness and happily ever after!

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