Sunday, June 27, 2010

Butter Cheese Cake

I found a very simple and easy recipe that evens a 7-year old could do it! But what makes me said that? Well, the recipe was awfully straightforward with no ‘baking’ rules like other cakes recipe would have and best of all, minimal ingredients involved. Yet, the one thing that I am attracted to is the cheddar cheese that goes into the cake. I always love cheese, so the cake would definitely taste good! Thus this recipe goes into my baking list for this week. And now presenting to you….the simplest Butter Cheese Cupcakes!

Coincidentally again, yesterday was my cousin’s birthday. This time was the younger sister’s. So with the many cupcakes yield from this recipe, it would be a shame if I did not give her a surprise birthday cake. But I was not prepared for this! Unless, I wanted to simply give her the naked cupcakes with no decorations. Of course, I hate to do that especially to a birthday girl. That is when I found whipped cream and some leftovers MM Fondant in fridge. So this is the quickest and simplest decorations I came out with…

Happy Birthday Zhi Yen...Jia hope you liked the cake!

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