Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kahlua Tiramisu Cups

I have been wanting to try on Tiramisu cake after a colleague of mine baked me one for my birthday couple months back but kept putting it away. Then when another colleague brought this up weeks ago, I knew I had to try it out. So I went on to search for the recipe and finally make some time to create it over the weekend.

Still lots of space for improvement....I need a more exciting and thicker coffee and an even more quicker hands when dipping the lady's fingers to coffee.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

3-in-1 celebration

November 1st is always a day to remember till the end my life. It was and will always be a day filled with many wonderful memories and great events to celebrate about. Two years ago, I was under the limelight of being a pretty bride *aherm* and now two years later today is our 2nd wedding anniversary. On top of our happy occasion, there were also birthdays to celebrate about. My nephew Geremy's birthday that falls on the 1st Nov while my father-in-law's birthday happened to be just a day after that. So this year to celebrate on their birthday, I baked them both a Banana Walnut cake each decorated to represent them.

For my FIL, I had a mini cake decorated with ready rolled fondant. As this is my first time with store bought fondant, I struggle a little with the fondant as it gets dried up rather fast resulted to many cracks all over *sad* But anyhow, I managed to create the topper of a man resting on sofa while playing with laptop. This is to represent my FIL since he has just started playing with one recently, getting in touch with the technology *grin*

On the other hand, I had mini cupcakes for my nephew. Since my nephew loves cars a lot, I created a fondant racing track along with mini racing cars. Pretty much a simple design to surprises the boy who fantasized a lot on cars.  


Happy Birthday Dad, Happy Birthday Geremy and lastly, Happy Anniversary Darl!

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