Monday, December 7, 2009

Small little gesture...

I had these two little tortoise as a small token of appreciation to my good friend who is nice enough to let me use her apartment (and air-conditioned usage) to keep all of the cupcakes (for my hub's cousin wedding) prior to the wedding day.

Knowing that there will be many guest going in and out of the groom's house, I had to find some place else to keep my cake (safe) till the morning of wedding day. Coincidentally, this good friend of mine owned a unit within the same block...definitely the perfect hiding place for my little precious *grin*

So YL...thank you for allowing me to use your house *smile* Hope you enjoyed the cake (though not much)


December Project: 3-tier Wedding Cupcakes

Year end is always the most busy time of the year…It is the time of the year when people are busy attending gatherings, parties and of course WEDDINGS!

6th of December was an auspicious day for many weddings events and my hub’s cousin is one of the happy groom to have his wedding on this date. I wanted to give the wonderful couple a surprise wedding gift but was little worried that my ‘wishful thinking’ would not turn out the way I hope it would be. Of course, I’m talking about baking them little cupcakes on a 3-tiered cake stand. I guess this is what I would call as "December Project"

I started to assemble the 3-tier cake stand from raw material, the week before the wedding day. My second attempt finally went success and I am happy with the outcome of my own creation of cupcake stand.
3-tier Cake Stand

Then finally is was D-Day to start working on the fondants to create little bride and groom couple figurines. Knowing I had little time to complete 40 cupcakes with designs, I changed my commonly use recipe from Homemade Rolled Fondant to use Marshmallow Fondant instead.  At least I can save a little time from kneading the MM Fondants. However, I was still contemplating over the look of the bride and groom up to the very last minute till I started to mold them. I was somehow worried that the figurines would fall apart before I can actually put them on display on the wedding day…but I guess all my fears are just worries after all, the outcome turned out well!

Front details of the little bride and groom
 Back details of the little bride and groom

I set up the cake stand in the middle of their dining table the moment when the groom went out to fetch his beautiful bride. The location was so strategic that the cupcakes was the first thing that guest would see when enter into the house. I can see that arriving guest are admiring while at the same time snapping pictures of the cakes for keepsake. The happy me of course glad that the bride and groom loved this surprise gift from me when they returned from the bride’s house. The cupcakes was quickly snatched up and finally left with only five cupcakes for the bride and groom to savor.

Up for display
Little pink flower on heart shape
 Simple daisy cut out
Little pink and white MM Fondant flowers scattered on the base for the final touch

To the newlyweds, wish both of you many great moments with each other and have a wonderful marriage. Cheers~

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