Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Clown Birthday Cake

26th July – Today is my little nephew’s birthday! Time really flies…the cheeky little boy is turning 5 this year!

To celebrate his birthday, we had a little party at his home on last Saturday. My mom cooked up a feast for up to nearly 20 young and old family members while I am responsible for a customized birthday cake.

I came out with a cheerful clown as the theme for the cake that goes together with little cuppies on a two-tiered cake stand. As for the cake flavor, I improvised a little from my new  found favorite recipe…Rose flavored cake, then filled with Lychee and Longan.

As soon as the birthday boy blew the candle, the little clowns and decorations on top of the cake were all grabbed away by the fascinated kids. Some of the clowns body parts even end up in their mouth! 

Well, at least I know they love the cakes (sugars) *grin*

Happy Birthday my sweet little nephew…

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