Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Flower Bouquet Cuppies

People say flowers and sweets are girls’ best friend and of course diamond too! But ever wonders of combining them into one gift? That was how I came about in having cupcakes nicely arranged on a pretty flower pot. Aren’t them sweet?

This is a wayyy in advance birthday cake or to be more precise, a cake bouquet to a dear friend of mine. She is such a sweet girl that loves everything sweet, literally and I hope she would love this pretty bouquet of cupcakes – a corn flour cake with raspberry mixture and almond strips. By the way, noticed the silver sugar ball? Those are the diamonds *grin*

Happy Birthday (in advance) my sweet dear friend!

Perfect gift for someone dear to us
Shot from the top
Closer shot
Would you like to have one for yourself too? *grin*

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