Thursday, July 9, 2009

Absolutely Amazing Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies

By the name of the cookies, you can figured how the taste should be. Well, I wanted to bake something, but was a little lazy to work on the fondants or cakes. So, I figured it should be nice to bake something else for a change....hmmm, cookies instead!

I went on browsing the WWW again for a recipe and found a site with many wonderful cookies recipes. I guess it was the name of 'Absolutely Amazing Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies' that attract my attention first. I went on reading...Difficulty: MEDIUM - hmm...won't take too much of my time then. Ingredients: chocolate chips and pecans/walnut - favourites! Additional ingredient that caught me is blended oat - now, this is something new and healthy too. So this is it! This is the cookies that I am going to bake today.

Here's the outcome and I'd say the level of difficulty is EASY! :-P

A friend of mine is looking for wedding favors ideas. So to show her a sample, I wrapped two pieces of the cookies with colored wrapping paper and add on with some ribbons. Simple and perfect for gift too!

Design #1
Design #2


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