Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Teddy cuppies for my little nephew

As promised to my little nephew who turned 4 years old last Sunday, I baked 16 big size cuppies with 4 little teddy bears and his favorite ABC characters all made out of home-made rolled fondant. Instead of the normal chocolate cake, I thought it would be nice to change a little on the flavor of the cake. So this time I added orange zest together with freshly squeezed orange juice to the cake batter. Indeed the cake when bite brings out fresh taste of the orange.

Imprint on base

The final result - 16 cuppies

Big Brother teddy

Teddy with heart

Playful teddy

Lazy teddy

Birthday boy's favorite characters "ABC"

It was nice to see my little niece and nephews eyes glow up when I open up the box full of cuppies to show to them. The older kids picked on cuppies with teddies on but birthday boy grab on the cuppies with Alphabets and within seconds, the character A is gone...ended up in his mouth and a cheeky smile from him! Well, I'm happy that the kids enjoyed eating the sugar and cake.

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