Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ribbons & Bows: Two-Tier Cake for MIL

I am on a mission again…

This time, I try to challenge myself to the next level! To bake a two-tier cake for my mother-in-law’s upcoming 60th birthday. It will be a surprise birthday celebration for her. Same goes to this cake, a surprise to all!

This will be the first time I am baking such a big cake, so Google up for some tricks and tips to equipped myself with knowledge from preserving moist in a cake to staking tier cake and even decorating ideas.

Now common issue I always encountered….Colors and designs! Well, I wanted the cake to be simple yet elegant. Thus, cute figures are out from my list. Since I had not had the chance to try out ribbons and bows design during the last baking, so I figured this is just the perfect timing to test this out. I have the rough design in mind now, but what would be the perfect color? My MIL is bold yet is a loving wife and a devoted mother so I suppose dark brown and pink with white would perfectly match her character.

Then the final decision is the flavor of the cake. I found a great recipe on Moist Yellow Cake. Sounds like a great recipe and I believe it goes well with whipped cream and blueberry filling.

Finally, here is the outcome of my one and a half day hard work. I hope she will love this cake though I had to admit my skills is not perfect, still long way for me to reach up to those professional level *grin* 

To my MIL…Happy Sweet Birthday. May you be in good health and continue to stay pretty.

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